How We Are Supported

Pro Bono Economics is funded by a number of grant-making organisations including The Law Family Charitable Foundation, Barrow Cadbury Trust, City Bridge Trust, Economic and Social Research Council, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and Monument Trust. 

PwC have sponsored our annual lectures.
We are also grateful for donations from a number of generous individuals and organisations.
Pro Bono Economics needs a broad funding base if it is to be sustainable over the years to come. We believe that the key to this is support from the economics profession. We want the profession to see us as their charity, undertaking work that they are proud to support with both time and money. 
If you would like to support the work of PBE, either through a one-off donation or through a regular payment, the easiest way to do this is through our Virgin Money Giving site.
If your organisation is interested in supporting us please get in contact at
We are also grateful to the economics firms that support our work by funding what we do and by undertaking projects, and to the charities that do great work as advocates for what we do.
More information about our funders, and our economics and charity partners is below.