How Can PBE Help Us?


Many charities can tell compelling stories about individuals that they have helped, or can quote numbers of beneficiaries in their programmes. What they are often unable to do is demonstrate that their interventions are having a real, lasting impact, and estimate its wider value to society.
Third sector organisations are under pressure to demonstrate their impact, in a climate of decreased incomes, increased costs, competition with the commercial sector and with new complexities such as payment by results models.
There is lots of progress in the sector towards better measurement, and there are tools designed to help, but it is still a difficult and often daunting task and there is no one-size-fits-all approach.
If your charity is thinking about how to measure the impact of what you do, or a programme you deliver, we may be able to help. We have economists from across the profession who will volunteer their time for free. Though they are not necessarily experts in your field, they are experts with data, and can bring a toolkit and a new way of thinking to the measurement of results and impact and in your organisation.
Read about the stages of a typical project here.
It may turn out that the data does not exist to answer your questions, or that the problem is too complex to unravel, but we are always happy to explore this with you and to consider possible solutions. Even when involvement has gone no further than an initial chat, charities tell us they are grateful for our help in understanding the problem, thinking through the complexity of the issues, and offering advice on how to take steps forward.