How Does It Work?


We take charities through a process to maximise the likelihood of a successful project, and to identify those that aren’t feasible as early as possible. It begins with the charity making an initial enquiry.
After this contact we will arrange a meeting to discuss the proposal, unpick some of the issues, answer questions, and ascertain whether there is potential for a project. If we think there is, we will ask the charity to send us a detailed Terms of Reference.
It is important to be aware that a ‘successful’ project for us may not be the same as a successful project for a charity. For us, a successful project is one that uses the best available data, the most sensible methodology, is transparent about its workings and assumptions and clear on its limitations, even if it shows that the charity’s intervention is not ‘successful’.
We aim to deliver unbiased and independent results and charities must accept the risk that scrutiny of their work may not yield the good news stories hoped for. We will always be clear about whether the available data is too limited to be able to determine if the impact is positive or not, or whether the data shows that the results are not positive. We will publish any analysis only with the agreement of the charity and the volunteers - this ensures that nothing damaging, ambiguous or unclear will reach the public domain.
You can read about the process here.
If any of this is unclear, please get in contact via and we can answer your questions.