PBE provides support to the PSHE Association

23 Oct 2017

The PSHE Association (physical, social, health and economic education) is both a charity and membership association, representing PSHE teachers and offering them support through guidance, training and resources. They also promote the teaching of quality, evidence-based PSHE in all schools throughout England, campaigning for PSHE practitioners and working with local authorities, academy chains and corporate, voluntary and public sector bodies. They aim to ensure that every student in the country receives high-quality, regular PSHE education which results in better academic achievement, emotional wellbeing and preparedness for the world of work.

To this end, PSHE Association approached Pro Bono Economics to analyse the need for PSHE and the impact of allowing all students access to this education.

PBE matched a number of voluntary economists from various governmental bodies to this project: Ravi Sharma, Andrew Carey, Amy Regan, Justin Seth, Andrew Barnard and Marcus Spray, who all offered their expertise to undertake a literature review of relevant studies. The focus was narrowed to three separate aspects of PSHE’s impact: behaviour, attainment and attendance, and these three aspects were studied through a short-term lens, with further scope for long-term analysis in future projects.

The analysis found that school-based anti-bullying programmes resulted in a decrease in bullying and victimisation, and showed children with higher levels of behavioural, emotional, social and school wellbeing have higher levels of academic achievement. The report findings provide PSHE Association with solid, measurable examples of the impact of their work on students and schools, and can be used to demonstrate the necessity for excellent PSHE in schools, helping them in their aims. This report will be published in 2018.

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