Looking back at Pro Bono Economics' 10th Anniversary Lecture

Lecture Footage

View full length versions of the lecture, panel discussion and a highlight reel.

Full keynote speech: 'The Third Pillar and the Fourth Industrial Revolution'

Full text of Andy Haldane's keynote speech at Pro Bono Economics' 10th Anniversary Lecture

Testimonials from charities and volunteers

Charity Testimonial - Paul Noblet

Paul Noblet is the Head of Media and Public Affairs at Centrepoint.

Charity Testimonial - Katherine Mathieson

Katherine Mathieson is the Chief Executive of the British Science Assocation.

Testimonial - Will Brett

Will Brett is a specialist in community-led national policy campaigns.

Charity Testimonial - Rod Clark

Rod Clarke is the CEO for Prisoners' Education Trust, who provide support services and fund access to educational resources for prisoners.

Charity Testimonial - Wendy Jones

Wendy Jones is a Trustee for National Numeracy, a charity which helps adults and children across the UK improve their numeracy.

Charity Testimonial - Rob Owen

Rob Owen is the Chief Executive for St Giles Trust, who help people facing severe disadvantage find jobs, homes and the right support they need.

Volunteer Testimonial - Dr Allan Little

Government Economist Dr Allan Little has worked with Pro Bono Economics on high-profile projects, for charities including Tavistock Relationships and Place2Be. This case study contains information on his volunteering experience and the benefits of this engagement.

Charity Testimonial - Sinem Cakir

Sinem Cakir was the Chief Executive of MAC-UK at the time of the Pro Bono Economics report. MAC-UK is a London-based charity working to radically transform excluded young people’s access to mental health services.

News from our Tenth Anniversary

Andy Haldane Offers Insight into the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Bank Chief Economist talks charities, tech and volunteering ahead of Anniversary lecture.

Co-founder Andy Haldane to be joined by high-calibre panel at 10 year anniversary lecture

PBE Co-founder Andy Haldane will be joined by Jenny Scott, former host of the BBC’s Daily Politics and a trustee of Pro Bono Economics, Geoff Mulgan, CEO of NESTA, and Dame Vivian Hunt, Managing Partner at McKinsey UK.

Pro Bono Economics' 2019 Annual Lecture

Chaired by our co-founder and trustee Andy Haldane, our 2019 Annual Lecture will take place on the 22nd May 2019, on the topic "The Fourth Industrial Revolution and its Impact on the Charity Sector".

Pro Bono Economics at 10 - Employment Related Services Association Blog

This blog entry discusses the motivations behind Pro Bono Economics and our activities since 2009, as well as our goals moving forward.

Pro Bono Economics - a notable milestone - Royal Economic Society Newsletter

In the January 2019 RES Newsletter, we review the achievements of Pro Bono Economics, including our contribution to the image of economics and economists.

Pro Bono Economics  - Celebrating 10 Years of Outstanding Work

This 10th Anniversary Brochure highlights some of our most impactful work over the last decade, and features columns from our Chair of Trustees Lord Gus O'Donnell, along with Founders Andy Haldane and Martin Brookes.