Pro Bono Economics, #BeeWell and Porticus are collaborating to help organisations working with young people at risk of exclusion in the Greater Manchester area to measure their economic impact. Please use this form to register your interest in participating in this study.

To qualify for this free support your organisation needs a pre-existing programme in place in the Greater Manchester area that:

  • Works with a minimum of around 50 young people per year, living in the Greater Manchester Area, aged between 12 and 15
  • Has permission to securely share information about the young people you’re supporting with third parties for the purposes of evaluation. This could include: name, date of birth, school attended and any outcome measures currently captured.
  • Works with young people at risk of exclusion, this could include (but is not limited to) young people with: Special Educational Needs, persistent absence, in Local Authority Care, identified as a child in need or those on a child protection plan.
  • Is delivering an intervention focused on reducing exclusions or improving young people’s wellbeing, as evidenced by a Theory of Change or logic model related to these issues.
  • Already has sufficient funding to provide up to 15 days of support for this work from within their organisation (unfortunately we cannot offer additional funding to participate in this pilot).

If you have any questions about this opportunity please email us at [email protected]

Application deadline: Midnight on March 23, 2023