Blog: Sep 2019

Announcing Pro Bono Economics’ Unlocking Impact workshop

24 September 2019

Love and impact . These two words don’t obviously belong together, but they seem to have something key in common. The meaning of love is famously hard to pin down, and sometimes it seems as though you never quite know if any two people mean the same thing when they use it. There can be a sense that you just know it when you feel it. The same could be said about the word impact, in the charity sector .

At Pro Bono Economics, we recognise that there are many ways to measure and demonstrate the impact of your work. With ever-increasing pressures on charities to demonstrate their impact in quantitative ways, we offer an economic lens that can – when it is appropriate – cut through this impact confusion and help charities articulate their impact, and its value, in quantitative ways.

Guest Blog: How Small Charities Can Leverage Events to Attract the Attention of Major Donors

18 September 2019

Pro Bono Economics helps charities understand and improve their impact. An event can be a effective means of showcasing your impact, once understood. In this guest blog, marketing consultant Michael Deane gives his views on how a well-organised event can capture the attention of donors.

Small charities find it difficult to attract the attention of major donors because their budgets are modest and they don’t have enough resources.

But these obstacles don’t have to be...

Guest Blog: The National Evaluation of the Troubled Families Programme

3 September 2019

The Troubled Families programme is one of the biggest social policy programmes in government. It is a £920m programme, run across England in 149 upper tier local authority areas and provides services to 400k families with multiple, high-cost problems including worklessness, domestic abuse, mental and physical ill health, school truancy and anti-social behaviour and offending.

Impact evaluations, like the national evaluation of the Troubled Families Programme, aren’t common. A...