Blog: Community

Guest Blog: Investing in Community Wellbeing

13 December 2017

This blog is written by Robert Marks, a policy adviser, member of the Government Economic Service and volunteer from Pro Bono Economics, the charity that helps other charities and social enterprises understand and improve their impact and value, with a central focus on well-being.

It accompanies the launch of a PBE report for Power to Change, the trust focused on improving the environment for community business in England. A guide for community business and report on...

Celebrating Volunteers' Week: how employers benefit

5 June 2015

Most volunteers probably don't give up their time to make their employer happy, but many organisations are becoming more aware of the importance of volunteering, as part of their corporate responsibility, and for the benefits it brings to employees.

We have already talked about the benefits to society, and the benefits to the individual from volunteering, but our experience, and our economist volunteers, tell us that professional...

Celebrating Volunteers' Week: the benefits to volunteers

3 June 2015

Yesterday we shared some information about the economic value that volunteering can create, but there are also private benefits for individual volunteers, and they may be even greater than volunteers might expect.

Benefits for volunteers

Survey data have shown there is a wide range of personal benefits from volunteering: a sense of satisfaction, achievement and enjoyment, new experiences and skills,...