Guest Blog: Brian Holman, Manager of Cambridge Cyrenians

29 October 2018
Guest blog: Brian Holman, Manager of Cambridge Cyrenians

Cambridge Cyrenians is a local charity which has been providing accommodation and support to homeless men and women for 50 years. We currently offer 101 bed spaces across 20 different schemes. This includes specialist accommodation for ex-offenders and women only accommodation. In addition we have a Registered Mental Nurse on the staff team to support the many residents with mental health issues, we provide...

Guest Blog: Undertaking a cost benefit analysis of Place2Be’s one-to-one counselling by Sarah Golden, Head of Evaluation, Place2Be

21 May 2018
Guest Blog: Undertaking a cost benefit analysis of Place2Be’s one-to-one counselling by Sarah Golden, Head of Evaluation, Place2Be A gap in our evidence

Place2Be is a children's mental health charity providing school-based support and in-depth training programmes to improve the emotional wellbeing of pupils, families, teachers and school staff. We currently provide mental health support in 286 primary and secondary schools across England, Scotland and Wales, reaching...

Guest Blog: Evaluating the value of our Speech Bubbles programme by Adam Annand, London Bubble Theatre Company

12 April 2018

Our Speech Bubbles programme delivers drama lessons in primary schools aimed at improving children’s communications skills, confidence and wellbeing. We know different things about our Speech Bubbles programme and the different things we know we know in different ways. There has been a process of discovery that has improved our knowledge and led to significant developments in the programme. What follows is a brief story of what led us to carry out a value for money...

Guest Blog: Investing in Community Wellbeing

13 December 2017

This blog is written by Robert Marks, a policy adviser, member of the Government Economic Service and volunteer from Pro Bono Economics, the charity that helps other charities and social enterprises understand and improve their impact and value, with a central focus on well-being.

It accompanies the launch of a PBE report for Power to Change, the trust focused on improving the environment for community business in England. A guide for community business and report on...

The Economic Value of Volunteering

26 May 2017

NCVO national volunteering week is 1st – 7th June and so this is a great moment to highlight the work of Pro Bono Economics (PBE) volunteers and their contribution in providing economic advice and analysis to charities. But this also provides a good opportunity to highlight the many ‘layers’ of economic value that volunteering can provide to the people and charities helped, the wider community and also to the volunteers themselves.


Guest Blog: Arty Folks: first blog from DWP volunteers

24 May 2017
Awkward introductions

Hello! We are a group of analysts from the Department for Work and Pensions, who have decided to blog our experience as we volunteer for Pro Bono Economics, a charity that matches volunteer economists with other charities or social enterprises in order to help them improve their impact and value.

We're spread between London and Sheffield and consist of six economists and a social researcher, who brings a welcome and necessary check to our assumptions and hand-...

Guest Blog: Is our sport upside down? Should we focus our resources on the grassroots?

7 March 2017
Have we got our sporting priorities wrong? By Mark Gregory, Chief Economist at EY

This article is taken from Mark Gregory's blog. Original post here ( ).

I was honoured to be a member of a...

Guest Blog: International Volunteer Day 2016: How can volunteering benefit your career?

5 December 2016

International Volunteer Day 2016: How can volunteering benefit your career?

By Daniel Henry

One of the biggest barriers to volunteering is a lack of time due to our working commitments. So on this year’s International Volunteer Day, we ask; what if you could volunteer by using the skills and expertise you’ve gained in your profession to benefit a charity whilst furthering your career?...

Guest Blog: What has economics got to do with perinatal depression?

14 July 2015

First published 14 July 2015 in Civil Society Governance. Read the original post here .

Andrea Lee explains how, despite not knowing much about the specific issues, she was able to bring her skills as a government economist to the challenges being faced by Family Action.

I had no idea what...

Celebrating Volunteers' Week: how employers benefit

5 June 2015

Most volunteers probably don't give up their time to make their employer happy, but many organisations are becoming more aware of the importance of volunteering, as part of their corporate responsibility, and for the benefits it brings to employees.

We have already talked about the benefits to society, and the benefits to the individual from volunteering, but our experience, and our economist volunteers, tell us that professional...