Each year Pro Bono Economics will carefully select a portfolio of projects where our skills in economic analysis can produce the best results for the individual charities and promote wider learning across the sector. To do this we assess charities against our selection criteria and if this shows promise we will meet to discuss our approach in more detail. We will allocate an economist, or team, who can get into the detail and determine the best approach.

Sometimes a charity may not have enough data, the right data, or data over a long enough period of time for a piece of analysis, and so our economists may work with them to identify what will be needed to allow analysis in the future. We hope that the charity would get back in touch with us once all the data was collected – possibly after one or two years. There are many other ways Pro Bono Economics can help charities. Sometimes it is simply a conversation that helps them to better understand the challenges and complexities of estimating their impact.