Starting to think about your impact?

Since we were set up in 2009, we have engaged with over 400 organisations providing guidance including data advice, analyses of interventions and research to support advocacy and campaigns. 

Our work has covered a range of topics including the costs of reoffending, the impact on society of adult innumeracy, the financial burden to the UK of eating disorders and economic analysis on homelessness and the housing crisis.

PBE can help improve your understanding of impact and value in three ways:

Our publication bank offers summaries and detailed reports for over 100 different studies. In the last two years these have focussed on a central theme of wellbeing interpreted through four areas: education, employment, mental health and poverty. Reports from before 2016 cover other areas and can be retrieved by search or by looking in the 'other' category. Our reports are open source and are available to download. We welcome feedback on how you have used them and what you find most helpful.

Our training offer: coming soon, we will be developing some training tools and resources reflecting the skills and experience from the projects completed so far. We hope to offer opportunities on-line and in person covering the key skills and techniques you need to make a start on improving your impact. 

Dedicated charity projects. Each year we will carefully select a small number of projects to continue to develop our knowledge base.

Future project rounds

Our next general project round will open in December 2019. If you would like to be informed when the application process will open, please email us at

Our focus


Including early intervention programmes, adult learning and alternative educational methods


Including programmes aimed at ex-offenders and vocational training for hard-to-reach young people

Mental health

Including programmes aimed at treatment, prevention and awareness raising


Including criminal behaviour, financial inclusion, homelessness and substance misuse