Volunteering is good for you

Volunteering is proven to enhance your personal wellbeing. Through volunteering with PBE, you will get an insight into challenges faced by the charity sector, as well as an opportunity to use and improve your day job skills in a different context.

Pro Bono Economics works to restore public trust and confidence in the charity sector, but also in experts. PBE trustee and co-founder Andy Haldane has recently asserted that the economics profession must adapt to regain the public's trust. PBE seeks to build a volunteering culture within the economics profession, so economists' way of thinking can add real value to charities and the beneficiaries they support.

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Be part of a growing network

We have over 400 professional economists on our books from the private and public sectors and from academia. As well as volunteering their time, volunteers are invited to our annual lecture, volunteer events and often have the opportunity to showcase their work at report launches.

Volunteering with PBE gives you the opportunity to improve your skills and develop new ones. These may be technical, methodological skills, or more general skills such as project and client management.

A PBE project will likely take you closer to service delivery than your day job does. You will see how interventions help beneficiaries and how policy decisions affect front line services.

“Volunteering with PBE was enjoyable because it was so different to working at my desk in Whitehall. At work I’m often dealing with very big numbers and billions of pounds, so understanding how a small charity like Family Action operates and hearing the stories about the women they helped was very different and a real eye opener.

I think it’s fair to say that for all the team working on this project the experience has renewed our passion and interest in economics. I got to roll up my sleeves and get to work on the data, which as a manager I don’t always have the time to do.”

Andrea Lee, volunteer from the Department for Work and Pensions