The 2024 General Election brought 335 new MPs into the House of Commons. For the many charities that seek to influence parliamentarians, this creates a significant challenge. That’s 335 new MPs to research and sift through to try and understand if they might be inclined to support a charity’s cause.

Many small charities cannot afford parliamentary monitoring systems or expensive agencies to do that sifting for them. If hundreds of organisations all undertake the same research into those MPs’ backgrounds, it means massive amounts of duplication and wasted time for already time-starved organisations.

PBE is not a public affairs agency. But because we undertake research into the charity sector, including its relationship with policymakers, we have looked up the backgrounds of all 650 elected MPs. We did that to identify the 242 MPs who have publicly advertised their backgrounds in the charity sector – either through their websites as they were running for parliament or their Wikipedia pages if they had already been elected.

We have made all that information freely and openly available to charities, broken down by parts of the sector – be it MPs who have volunteered with poverty charities, MPs who have been employed by international development charities, MPs who are patrons of children’s charities, or MPs who have fundraised for hospices.

Access PBE’s MPs with Charity Experience Tool

For those charities that are more focused on place, we have also visualised our research below.

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