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Pro Bono Economics advises MyBnk on collection and analysis framework

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MyBnk provides a range of financial education and enterprise workshops in schools and youth organisations that aim to build their financial capability. These programmes, delivered by expert trainers, are designed to help schoolchildren develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to...

NEW report for Making the Leap

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Making the Leap (MTL) is a London-based charity that provides services to children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, aged 12-25, to aid their upward social mobility. In particular, it helps them develop non-cognitive skills (e.g. motivation and confidence) and prepare themselves...

NEW report for The Trussell Trust

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The Trussell Trust has partnered with local communities to establish a 400-strong network of foodbanks which provide a minimum of three days’ emergency food and support to people experiencing crisis in the UK. They also work with foodbanks to provide a range of new services such as money advice...

Marking World Mental Health Day with PBE & MAC-UK

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On World Mental Health Day 2017, Pro Bono Economics has published a report for MAC-UK exmaining the impact of their Music & Change project in Camden, which ran from 2008 to 2015. This was their founding project, and pioneered their INTEGRATE approach, which places mental health workers...

NEW report for PSHE Association

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The PSHE Association (physical, social, health and economic education) is both a charity and membership association, representing PSHE teachers and offering them support through guidance, training and resources. They...

NEW report for Greenhouse Sports

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Greenhouse Sports is a London-based charity that uses sport to help young people living in the inner city realise their full potential. They currently run 40 programmes in secondary schools and 9 in schools for pupils with...

NEW report for Power to Change

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Power to Change (PtC) is an independent trust, established as a ten-year initiative in 2015 to support and develop community businesses across England. It was set up in response to growing recognition of the challenges...

Demonstrating Impact - a briefing paper for the music education sector

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Demonstrating impact in music education

Demonstrating impact is a hot topic. Terms such as outcomes framework, Theory of Change, Cost Benefit Analysis, causality and soft versus hard outcomes are increasingly commonplace and it can be overwhelming figuring out what this all means and how it...

PBE study reveals the crippling cost of lung disease in the UK

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Lung disease costs the UK a staggering £11 billion each year, according to the latest report by Pro Bono Economics (PBE) for the British Lung Foundation PBE report “Estimating the Economic Burden of Respiratory Illness in the UK” for the British Lung Foundation breaks down the cost of respiratory...

The high cost of low adult numeracy: revisiting last year's project for National Numeracy

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When the charity National Numeracy decided to launch a new Challenge to show millions of people that they could improve their everyday maths skills there was one problem: the figures that existed to show the costs of poor numeracy, which would be important for the campaign, were out of date and...


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