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21 October 2019

2019 Coverage

Civil Society | 21.10.2019

This piece highlights the news that Matt Whittaker has been announced as the new Chief Executive of Pro Bono Economics, and will start work in mid-November. 

National Health Executive | 16.10.2019

Further coverage on our joint report with Helpforce focusing on the benefits that an increase in skilled volunteers could bring to the NHS.

Third Sector News | 17.09.2019

This piece features Pro Bono Economics' research from our 10th Anniversary Lecture which found that microvoluntering adds ease and flexibility to the act of volunteering, and that this style of volunteering is habit-forming with two-thirds of microvolunteers willing to repeat their experience within a year.

The Sunday Times | 04.08.2019

A joint report from Pro Bono Economics and Helpforce explores the appetite for increased levels of skilled volunteering in the NHS. The report found that 80% of doctors say that volunteering roles in health should be expanded to include people who can bring their professional (non-clinical) skills with their personal skills to their volunteer roles.

Third Sector News | 26.06.2019

Pro Bono Economics CEO Julia Grant calls for better design and delivery of Employer Supported Volunteering schemes to ensure that the skills of volunteers are utilised and stretched by their engagements, in a way which delivers real value to the charities they serve.

BBC | 17.06.2019

Following our report with Hestia, which called for children forced to move home to be given priority over school places, it was announced that the school admissions code will be altered to enable easier access to schools for children fleeing domestic violence.

Reasons to be Cheerful | 17.06.2019

Pro Bono Economics Chair Lord Gus O'Donnell appeared on Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd's podcast Reasons to be Cheerful. Lord O’Donnell explores what a shift to a wellbeing focussed economy would look like for the UK.

Civil Society | 23.05.2019

The potential for technological innovation to increase the supply of volunteers in the UK is explored in this piece, given Pro Bono Economics co-founder Andy Haldane's comments on the topic at the previous evening's 10-year Anniversary Lecture.

Bloomberg | 22.05.2019

Picking up on the theme explored by Pro Bono Economics co-founder Andy Haldane during his keynote address at the 10-year Anniversary Lecture, this article highlights the Bank of England Chief Economist's call for better measurement of activities in the charity space.

The Guardian | 22.05.2019

On the day of the Pro Bono Economics 10-year Anniversary Lecture, The Guardian features an interview with the charity's co-founder on the consequences of the fourth industrial revolution on charities and wider society, the theme of his keynote address.

Charity Today | 22.05.2019

In covering the findings of a new poll conducted by crisis charity Hestia, which found that half of millenials in Britain have been exposed to domestic abuse in childhood, this piece highlights the Pro Bono Economics report from the spring that examined the economic costs of the same issue for the charity.

The Independent | 21.05.2019

As the draft Domestic Abuse Bill is being scrutinised by Parliamentarians, this article highlights the findings of the report published in the spring by Pro Bono Economics on behalf of crisis charity Hestia, showing the costs for society of children being exposed to violence at home.

Charity Digital News | 21.05.2019

Here, Zoe Amar, Chair of the Charity Digital Code of Practice discusses how charities can build user-led digital services with her colleague Giselle Cory together with Tracey Gyateng of Datakind, with the important role played by outfits such as Pro Bono Economics cited in this regard.

The Daily Telegraph | 17.05.2019

This article feature as part of a two-page spread in the paper and cites the findings of a Pro Bono Economics survey of teachers regarding their views on current levels of physical (in)activity among the country's children. It leads with comments from Chairman Lord Gus O'Donnell, who warns that Britain is “failing our children” and storing up a “ticking time bomb” over physical inactivity in schools

The Daily Telegraph | 17.05.2019

The spread also features a case study of Greenhouse Sports, the London-based charity that uses sport to help young people living in the inner city realise their full potential, for whom Pro Bono Economics produced a report quantifying its impact back in 2017. The research, which showed the link between children's participation in Greenhouses' activities and attainment, is referenced here. 

The Daily Telegraph | 17.04.2019

This article covers the call of professional services firm KPMG, along with charity National Numeracy, for British businesses to do more to tackle deficient numeracy skills in their employees. It references past Pro Bono Economics research regarding the costs of poor numeracy skills for the economy in this regard. 

Pro Bono News | 19.03.2019

This update notes the publication of Pro Bono Economics’ report for WorkingRite, which provided data collection advice to the employment charity on the frequency and quality of data required for an impact analysis in future.

Today in Parliament | 18.03.2019

This episode of the current affairs programme reports the launch of Hestia’s “On the Sidelines” report - which took place in Parliament – and relied on Pro Bono Economics analysis to demonstrate the economic costs of exposure to domestic abuse.

WomensGrid | 15.03.2019

Quoting both Lyndsey Dearlove, Head of the UK SAYS NO MORE Campaign and Pro Bono Economics Chairman Lord Gus O’Donnell, this piece also reports the findings from On the Sidelines.

LocalGov | 06.03.2019

This piece focuses more on the economic costs to society because of a failure to support children exposed to domestic violence, noting that these could reach over £1 billion, according to Pro Bono Economics analysis.

Children & Young People Now | 05.03.2019

Citing Pro Bono Economics’ analysis regarding the costs of exposure to domestic abuse on children, this piece considers Hestia’s call to prioritise those affected in healthcare and education.

Huffington Post | 05.03.2019

This blog by Victims’ Commissioner Baroness Helen Newlove focuses on the impact of domestic abuse for victims, particularly those children who witness it, and cites the figures from Pro Bono Economics’ analysis for Hestia.

Charity Today | 05.03.2019

In this article Hestia’s On the Sidelines report – featuring Pro Bono Economics input – is examined in detail, including the individual costs to social care, crime, education and foster and residential care.

BBC News | 05.03.2019

Following the launch of Hestia and UK SAYS NO MORE’s On the Sidelines report, this article looks into Pro Bono Economics’ analysis here. It references comments from our Chairman Lord Gus O’Donnell, who suggests there is a moral and economic imperative to act to stop the scourge of domestic abuse in this country.

The Independent | 11.02.2019

Advocating for the scrapping of GCSEs examinations, Secretary of State for Education between 1986 and 1989 (and now Chair of the Edge Foundation) Lord Baker cites an earlier intervention from Lord Gus O’Donnell to support his call. The Pro Bono Economics Chairman had previously spoken of the emergence of a “troubled generation” in Britain because of exam stress, as featured in The Guardian during late December 2018.

Alliance Magazine | 08.02.2019

Focusing on Pro Bono Economics recent announcement of its Oak Foundation homelessness project, this article highlights statistics showing an increase in homelessness in Britain and outlines the aims of the pilot programme.

Bloomberg | 06.02.2019

This article speculates on who will be the next Governor of the Bank of England, naming Pro Bono Economics Trustees Andy Haldane and Dave Ramsden – Chief Economist and Deputy Governor respectively – as two of the most-likely nominees. The piece also notes Andy’s role in the founding of Pro Bono Economics.

SecEd | 05.02.2019

This piece highlights the publication of Pro Bono Economics’ report for national education charity Governors for Schools, noting that its findings show the value to be had from its work in the region annually of £9.9 million to schools across England.

Charity Today | 28.01.2019

This article covers the announcement of the Oak Foundation homelessness programme, delivered by Pro Bono Economics, Cranfield Trust and Pilotlight, extensively quoting CEO Julia Grant’s comments on the challenges faced by small to medium sized charities and the role of impact organisation considering these.

Manchester Media Group | 24.01.2019

Following on from Pro Bono Economics Chairman Lord Gus O’Donnell’s December interview with The Guardian, this piece looks at his comments from the perspective of students, noting the stress young people in the UK are under.

SecEd | 16.01.2019

This entry of “At the Chalkface” considers Pro Bono Economics Chairman Lord Gus O’Donnell’s comments on the wellbeing of pupils in the UK.

Civil Society | 14.01.2019

In this “Who’s moving” piece, Civil Society notes the appointment of Clare Lombardelli to the Pro Bono Economics Board of Trustees.



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