Wellbeing and evidence-based policy making

Our approach to impact measurement is robust, transparent and draws on good quality data analysis. By harnessing this, we can inform a better understanding of the value of wellbeing to our society.

Our independent voice

Building trust in charities

Pro Bono Economics helps charities understand their costs and improve their impact, thus building the reputation of the wider sector.

Promoting better impact investment

Understanding social impact is our core brief, with many of our accumulated learnings potentially applicable to the growing impact investment industry.

Explaining the value of community support

Our work supports charities that often serve as integral parts of their communities. These larger networks also deliver intangibles such as a sense of belonging, social cohesion and cultural identity.

Championing skilled volunteering

By facilitating volunteering opportunities for our network of economists and then soliciting feedback on their experience, Pro Bono Economics has a wealth of information on how such activities can provide additional skills and enhance wellbeing.