Key project resources

These pages contains a list of data sources that may be useful to volunteers working on a PBE project.


This handbook provides a comprehensive overview of PBE, from its origins and current activities, to information on how partners can best leverage their work.

This presentation introduces the importance of impact measurement for charities.

This presentation introduces how PBE adapts well established economic tools and analysis to make them useful and relevant in a charity setting.

Other project resources

An Introduction to PBE provides concise and clear information on current strategy and future plans, as well as information on how you can support ongoing work.

This paper offers insights on gathering and using outcome data in education settings.

This note details how PBE balances its commitment to being open source while still maintaining discretion when handling  findings that may be sensitive for an individual or organisation.

This note should be read prior to the sharing of any personal data to ensure all risks are properly considered and addressed.

This Guide serves as a reference tool aimed at ensuring consistency in the preparation and delivery of PBE reports.