Five tips for charities

2 Nov 2016

Want to know what makes a successful Pro Bono Economics project? Here are five tips to consider before you get in touch with us.

Ongoing Pro Bono Economics Projects

In progress

This is a list of our ongoing projects.

Analysis of COVID survey responses

13 Aug 2020

From 29 April to 17 June 2020, we ran a weekly Charity Tracker Survey to understand the pressures being faced by the charity sector as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

Over the course of the survey, we also received over a thousand comments from survey participants, in response to the...

A review of the evidence needed to place a full economic value on Action Tutoring’s work

6 Aug 2020

Pro Bono Economics conducted an exploratory analysis to understand the evidence needed to support Action Tutoring to place a full economic value on the impact of its work.

Action Tutoring (AT) supports pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve a meaningful level of academic...

PBE tracker survey headline results, from 'Charities in the time of Covid (and beyond)' webinar

24 Jul 2020

Anoushka Kenley's presentation from the webinar 'Charities in the time of Covid (and beyond)'. Download the full slides below.

Assessing the economic benefits from improved employment outcomes for Prisoners’ Education Trust beneficiaries

16 Jul 2020

Pro Bono Economics has estimated that the Prisoners Education Trust’s Access to Learning programme provided cost and employment-related benefits to society worth £1.6 million in 2018.

In our second report for...

Fair4All Finance: Externalities arising from use of high cost credit in the UK

14 Jul 2020

Pro Bono Economics’ literature review for non-profit organisation Fair4All Finance identified the evidence gaps that need to be filled in order to determine the societal costs associated with high cost credit (HCC).

Fair4AllFinance exists...

The Clink Charity: an economic impact analysis

7 Jul 2020

Pro Bono Economics has discovered that The Clink delivers at least a four-fold return on investments by reducing reoffending and the associated social costs of reoffending.

Pro Bono Economics conducted a cost benefit analysis to assess The Clink Charity’s economic impact. The Clink...

Supporting improved outcome measurements: Haven Children and Young People programme

18 Jun 2020

Pro Bono Economics (PBE) advised domestic abuse support charity Haven on how to collect and use data to better demonstrate the impact of their work.

Haven is the only organisation in Sheffield existing solely to support children affected by domestic abuse. They provide Children and...

Assessment of the long-term societal benefits from Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

5 Feb 2020

Analysis by Pro Bono Economics found that the long-term societal benefits of treatments provided by Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) in England could be between £2 and £3.2 billion.

Pro Bono Economics analysis of CAMHS outcomes research from the Child Outcomes...

Initial Analysis of One25’s Outcomes Star Data

17 Dec 2019

One25 – the largest UK organisation for women facing street sex work – has a positive impact on service users, particularly regarding their safety, sexual health, and financial situation, according to Pro Bono Economics Analysis.

One25 assists women trapped in or vulnerable to street...

Turn2Us: Financial Outcomes Tool Review

5 Sep 2019

The Financial Outcome Tool used by Turn2Us – a charity that helps people in need access financial support – appears to have a sound structure and logic according to Pro Bono Economics analysis.

Turn2Us helps people in financial need gain...