Publications: Cross-cutting themes

Pro Bono Economics’ work on targets and measures for Sport England

11 Apr 2019

A Pro Bono Economics project for Sport England has highlighted the potential for volunteering organisations and programmes to collaborate to create new industry standards, which could include producing a universal definition of volunteering, containing frequency, longevity or experience measures, or a more standardised assessment of the resources needed to support volunteer programmes.

Economic analysis of Step Together’s ex-offender rehabilitation programme

25 Mar 2019

In this report for Step Together Volunteering – a charity that provides opportunities for individuals excluded from society – Pro Bono Economics has shown the positive impact its work may have on reducing reoffending rates for the cohort of people it engages with.

The economic cost from childhood exposure to severe domestic violence

5 Mar 2019
A new Pro Bono Economics report for Hestia - a charity dedicated to helping people in times of personal crisis - has shown that a failure to support children exposed to domestic violence in the UK may be costing taxpayers between £480 million and £1.4 billion. With around 500,000 children in the UK having been exposed to severe domestic violence, this equates to between £1,000 and £2,900 per child.

PBE provides support to Community First

21 Dec 2018

Building Bridges is a programme jointly funded by the Big Lottery Fund and European Social Fund, to help people overcome their barriers to employment and education across Swindon and Wiltshire. The programme is a collaborative effort involving 40 organisations across Swindon/Wiltshire providing...

PBE study reveals the crippling cost of lung disease in the UK

15 Mar 2017

PBE report “Estimating the Economic Burden of Respiratory Illness in the UK” for the British Lung Foundation breaks down the cost of respiratory health to the NHS and to society.

Supporting CMV Action to design a research brief

7 Dec 2016

CMV Action approached PBE in order to conduct research into the economic effects of treating Cytomegalounis, one of the main causes of childhood disability in the UK. This will provide an evidence base for further research, awareness and fundraising.

Looking at the impact of volunteers in child palliative care for the True Colours Trust

22 Nov 2016

Pro Bono Economics was asked by The Royal Foundation and True Colours Trust to consider if their available data can help to answer a number of questions about the service. This information will be used to assess whether it is feasible to scale up the pilot.

Helping Silverfit plan a roadmap to evaluating their services

31 Oct 2016

PBE has worked with Silverfit to produce a data collection programme that will help the charity to demonstrate the economic success of their service, offering fitness services to people over the age of 45.

Helping the British Red Cross better evaluate confidence in First Aid trainees

12 Oct 2016

The British Red Cross sought out PBE for statistical expertise in checking data and methodology to measure the success of its first aid training programme.

Helping Breast Cancer Care design a research brief

27 Jul 2016

We advised Breast Cancer Care as to how they could undertake an economic analysis of their ‘Moving Forward’ programme, supporting those affected by breast cancer post-treatment.

Friends of the Elderly: advice on the value of their home support service

29 Feb 2016

PBE helped Friends of the Elderly demonstrate the cost effectiveness of the work of their Home Support Workers, in terms of preventing certain traumas affecting elderly people and thus reducing possible hospital admissions.

Advice to the Mo Farah Foundation

7 Nov 2014

Tom Aldred, an economist at HM Treasury and keen runner, advised the Mo Farah Foundation on behalf of PBE as to how they could collect data to measure the impact of their work to increase physical activity in young people as part of their Motivate Hounslow project.