Supporting improved outcome measurements: Haven Children and Young People programme

18 Jun 2020

Pro Bono Economics (PBE) advised domestic abuse support charity Haven on how to collect and use data to better demonstrate the impact of their work.

Haven is the only organisation in Sheffield existing solely to support children affected by domestic abuse. They provide Children and...

Assessment of the long-term societal benefits from Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

5 Feb 2020

Analysis by Pro Bono Economics found that the long-term societal benefits of treatments provided by Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) in England could be between £2 and £3.2 billion.

Pro Bono Economics analysis of CAMHS outcomes research from the Child Outcomes...

Initial Analysis of One25’s Outcomes Star Data

17 Dec 2019

One25 – the largest UK organisation for women facing street sex work – has a positive impact on service users, particularly regarding their safety, sexual health, and financial situation, according to Pro Bono Economics Analysis.

One25 assists women trapped in or vulnerable to street...

Turn2Us: Financial Outcomes Tool Review

5 Sep 2019

The Financial Outcome Tool used by Turn2Us – a charity that helps people in need access financial support – appears to have a sound structure and logic according to Pro Bono Economics analysis.

Turn2Us helps people in financial need gain...

Measuring the Impact of Art Against Knives

4 Sep 2019

Pro Bono Economics worked with Art Against Knives to strengthen links between their theory of change and best available evidence on violent crime to improve overall measurement framework.

Our work finds there is good evidence to suggest that gaining employment is linked to a reduced...

Assessing the Impact of the Villiers Park Educational Trust’s Scholars Programme

17 Jun 2019

Villiers Park Educational Trust’s Scholars Programme was found to have a positive benefit to both the academic attainment and soft skills development of pupils.

An assessment of the value of Working Chance's recruitment services for women

7 Jun 2019

Working Chance, a charity which works to reduce barriers for female re-offenders entering employment, was found to have a potential attributable economic benefit of £1.4 million per year.

Assessing the impact of the Debate Mate programmes on social mobility

5 Jun 2019

Analysis suggests that education charity Debate Mate’s programmes are largely well-aligned with their ultimate objective of improving social mobility.

British Science Association: Graduate Earnings and the STEM Premium

3 Jun 2019

In this, Pro Bono Economics’ second collaboration with the British Science Association (BSA) it was found that the Association’s CREST Silver Awards programme only had to have a minor effect on university degree choice to deliver more societal benefits than it costs to run.

Pro Bono Economics’ work on targets and measures for Sport England

11 Apr 2019

A Pro Bono Economics project for Sport England has highlighted the potential for volunteering organisations and programmes to collaborate to create new industry standards, which could include producing a universal definition of volunteering, containing frequency, longevity or experience measures, or a more standardised assessment of the resources needed to support volunteer programmes.

Economic analysis of Step Together’s ex-offender rehabilitation programme

25 Mar 2019

In this report for Step Together Volunteering – a charity that provides opportunities for individuals excluded from society – Pro Bono Economics has shown the positive impact its work may have on reducing reoffending rates for the cohort of people it engages with.

Does leadership training influence charity performance?

21 Mar 2019

Pro Bono Economics’ report for charity Clore Social Leadership shows a clear link between leadership training investment and improved charity performance.