Pro Bono Economics’ work on targets and measures for Sport England

11 Apr 2019

A Pro Bono Economics project for Sport England has highlighted the potential for volunteering organisations and programmes to collaborate to create new industry standards, which could include producing a universal definition of volunteering, containing frequency, longevity or experience measures, or a more standardised assessment of the resources needed to support volunteer programmes.

Economic analysis of Step Together’s ex-offender rehabilitation programme

25 Mar 2019

In this report for Step Together Volunteering – a charity that provides opportunities for individuals excluded from society – Pro Bono Economics has shown the positive impact its work may have on reducing reoffending rates for the cohort of people it engages with.

Does leadership training influence charity performance?

21 Mar 2019

Pro Bono Economics’ report for charity Clore Social Leadership shows a clear link between leadership training investment and improved charity performance.

Measuring the economic impact of supporting young people into employment

18 Mar 2019

In a report for WorkingRite, Pro Bono Economics has advised the employment charity to carry out data collection with its mentored work programme participants six months to a year post completion, to demonstrate if it results in sustained outcomes.

The economic cost from childhood exposure to severe domestic violence

5 Mar 2019
A new Pro Bono Economics report for Hestia - a charity dedicated to helping people in times of personal crisis - has shown that a failure to support children exposed to domestic violence in the UK may be costing taxpayers between £480 million and £1.4 billion. With around 500,000 children in the UK having been exposed to severe domestic violence, this equates to between £1,000 and £2,900 per child.

The Long Term Impact of Therapeutic Residential Care Programmes

25 Feb 2019
A Pro Bono Economics report for Therapeutic Residential Care (TRC) charity Mulberry Bush has shown that there are multiple evidence gaps in this area in the UK, and that much of the existing research has limitations regarding selection bias and the lack of a standardised outcomes framework for...

Assessing the work of the Governors for Schools charity

23 Jan 2019

National education charity Governors for Schools exists to improve educational standards in schools across the UK through effective governance. As well as pairing governors and trustees with schools – working with over 11,000 governors and 8000 schools in the last 5 years – the organisation...

Pro Bono Economics estimates the costs and benefits of Veterans Aid's work with veterans

7 Jan 2019

Veterans Aid is a charity supporting ex-servicemen and women in crisis. The organisation offers a diverse range of interventions, providing immediate, practical support to veterans who have served in HM Armed Forces who are homeless, facing homelessness or in crisis. Support is offered...

Cost Benefit Analysis of MyBnk’s Money Twist programmes: A feasibility assessment

2 Jan 2019

MyBnk provides a range of financial education and enterprise workshops in schools and youth organisations that aim to build their financial capability. These programmes, delivered by expert trainers, are designed to help schoolchildren develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to...

PBE provides support to Community First

21 Dec 2018

Building Bridges is a programme jointly funded by the Big Lottery Fund and European Social Fund, to help people overcome their barriers to employment and education across Swindon and Wiltshire. The programme is a collaborative effort involving 40 organisations across Swindon/Wiltshire providing...

PBE assesses the economic impact of Reading Recovery for the KPMG Foundation

5 Dec 2018

Every Child a Reader is an initiative developed by the KPMG Foundation, to expand the provision of Reading Recovery in the UK. A well-researched and widely-implemented early intervention programme, Reading Recovery exists to help the lowest attaining children aged five to six learn to read....

PBE assesses the impact of WWTW's employment programme

21 Nov 2018

Walking With The Wounded is a charity providing support and services to veterans who are homeless, unemployed, i n police custody, or suffering with mental health issues, with the aim of re-integration into society. Founded in 2010, the charity has provided help to thousands of individuals...