Advice to Action for Refugees in Lewisham on the impact of their Rainbow Club

25 Oct 2016

PBE matched AFRIL with volunteers from Regeneris Consulting to advise them on means and methods of data collection concerning children’s welfare, providing a basis for future economic analysis of the effectiveness of their work.

Estimating the break even value of One Parent Families Scotland's flexible childcare programme

25 Oct 2016

PBE has assisted One Parent Families Scotland with a performance evaluation of their first project, helping to widen social benefits of one parent families remaining in employment.

Advising Newham New Deal Partnership on a data collection framework for volunteers

14 Oct 2016

We helped Newham NDP build a data collection framework to help measure the economic and social value to volunteers in their Good Neighbours Scheme.

Helping the British Red Cross better evaluate confidence in First Aid trainees

12 Oct 2016

The British Red Cross sought out PBE for statistical expertise in checking data and methodology to measure the success of its first aid training programme.

St Giles Trust: looking at the impact of Choices, a programme for disadvantaged youths

3 Oct 2016

PBE undertook a study of the Choices programme, run by St Giles Trust, to evaluate the impact it has in supporting disadvantaged young people move their lives forward.

Designing an evaluation framework for a family therapy programme at the Anna Freud Centre

5 Sep 2016

PBE helped to show how a family therapy programme run by the Anna Freud Centre benefitted both its clients and the taxpayer in terms of public savings, providing tangible evidence of the successes of early intervention.

Tomorrow's People: evaluating impact & performance with Bank of England economists

10 Aug 2016

PBE worked with Tomorrow’s People to update findings on the success of their work engaging disadvantaged young people in the labour market.

Helping Breast Cancer Care design a research brief

27 Jul 2016

We advised Breast Cancer Care as to how they could undertake an economic analysis of their ‘Moving Forward’ programme, supporting those affected by breast cancer post-treatment.

Shelter Scotland: advice on data collection

21 Jul 2016

PBE worked with Shelter Scotland in support of their Foundations First scheme, focused on helping families in chronic poverty. We advised the charity as to how best to obtain meaningful data to measure the programme’s success and identify areas for further improvement.

Circle Scotland: how to evaluate alternatives to prison for Scottish women

18 Jul 2016

Circle came to PBE looking to assess the value of their ‘Alternatives to Imprisonment’ programme, which aims to support the rehabilitation of female offenders within communities as an alternative to custodial sentences.

Tavistock Relationships: evaluating their "Parents as Partners" programme

2 May 2016

PBE helped Tavistock Relationships demonstrate the social value of their ‘Parents as Partners’ programme, a group-based scheme strengthening couples’ relationships and encouraging greater parental involvement in family life.

Prisoners' Education Trust: evaluating the impact of educational resources for prisoners on reoffending rates

1 May 2016

Prisoners’ Education Trust approached Pro Bono Economics to undertake an impact assessment of their programme that funds educational resources for prisoners.