Four new projects for Locality

8 Mar 2016

PBE worked with Locality, advising four local charities on how they could undertake, and benefit from, a cost-benefit analysis of their work.

Friends of the Elderly: advice on the value of their home support service

29 Feb 2016

PBE helped Friends of the Elderly demonstrate the cost effectiveness of the work of their Home Support Workers, in terms of preventing certain traumas affecting elderly people and thus reducing possible hospital admissions.

Wide Horizons: advice on the impact of adventure learning

23 Feb 2016

Wide Horizons approached PBE looking to understand the impact of their outdoor learning programmes on children who visit their centres.

Law Centres Network: advice on how to set prices

28 Jan 2016

PBE matched the The Law Centres Network with volunteer economists from HMRC, to advise on price-setting strategies for their not-for-profit legal practices.

British Science Association: evaluating their CREST Silver Award

27 Jan 2016

The British Science Association approached PBE as they wanted to know what impact the Silver CREST Award was having on improving students' GCSE science grades.

St. Vincent de Paul Society: understanding the impact of their visiting & befriending scheme

21 Dec 2015

St Vincent de Paul Society (SVP) wanted to understand the economic effects of their activities, primarily voluntary services such as visiting and befriending. See how we helped them here.

Royal Institution: looking at viewer engagement with online science videos

28 Oct 2015

The Royal Institution (Ri), committed to engaging the British public with the sciences for over 200 years, wanted to develop an understanding of viewer engagement with their online videos. PBE helped them to do so.

Helping homelessness organisations across the West Midlands

6 Sep 2015

PBE volunteers from Coventry University advised St Basils and the West Midlands Homelessness Forum on how they could create a ‘regional radar’, monitoring factors influencing homelessness levels in the region.

Supporting Heart of the City at 15 years

2 Jul 2015

PBE matched volunteer economists from the Bank of England with Heart of the City , celebrating 15 years of support for responsible businesses in the City of London, to advise on good practice for data collection.

Working with Locality: 5 projects for communities

30 Apr 2015

PBE helped Locality produce cost-benefit analyses for five charities, as part of their Our Place programme supporting local communities.

London Music Masters Bridge project: music education & academic achievement

22 Apr 2015

London Music Masters wanted to explore the link between academic achievement and music education in relation to their Bridge Project, promoting musical excellence and greater diversity among performers. Find out how PBE helped them here.

Looking at the benefits of Family Action's Perinatal Support Service

9 Dec 2014

PBE matched Family Action with volunteer economists from DCLG to evaluate the benefits and costs of their Perinatal Support Service, supporting women assessed as vulnerable to perinatal depression.