Considering the sugary drinks industry for Sustain

11 Feb 2014

Sustain: The alliance for better food and farming approached PBE to discover if a tax increase, intended to lead to improved health outcomes for children, would have a detrimental effect on the soft drinks industry.

Advice for future evaluation of Prisoners Abroad

16 Jan 2014

Prisoners Abroad approached Pro Bono Economics to evaluate their work in supporting Britain’s incarcerated oversees, with the aim of better demonstrating the impact they have, both to secure funding and improve the targeting of their work.

Advice to Foundations UK

9 Dec 2013

Foundations UK has worked with PBE in order to evaluate the public and economic value of their Step Forward to health programme.

An analysis of Chance UK's mentoring service

27 Nov 2013

PBE has worked with Chance UK in order to demonstrate the public and economic value of their work in mentoring primary school children with conduct difficulties.

Assessing the costs of women reoffending & value of Circle's services

14 Nov 2013

Circle has approached PBE in order to help prove the effectiveness of their services in reducing reoffending and its economic benefits to society.

Understanding the value of Centrepoint’s services

29 Oct 2013

PBE has worked with Centrepoint in order to demonstrate the economic value of their work in providing support and services to homeless people in order to integrate them back into society.

Advising the Institute of Fundraising

22 May 2013

PBE has worked with the Institute of Fundraising to demonstrate the economic value of fundraisers undergoing its courses and training programmes in order to gain qualifications in this area.

Guidance on financial savings analysis for Homeless Link

7 May 2013

PBE has worked with Homeless Link in demonstrating the economic value and outcome of their services in addressing homelessness.

Helping Friends of the Elderly gather evidence

4 Mar 2013

Our project with Friends of the Elderly demonstrated the savings on the NHS resulting from their support of seniors. See here how that worked.

Latest reports from the Social Research Unit

21 Nov 2012

See how PBE supported reports from the Social Research Unit on child protection.

Developing economic evaluation capability with Citizens Advice

5 Nov 2012

PBE matched Citizens Advice Bureau with a team from Lloyds banking service in order to understand and analyse the economic value of there service.

Helping Retrak demonstrate impact in supporting street children

8 Oct 2012

Want to know how PBE helped Retrak demonstrate value for money for their work with children in Africa? Find out here.