Ongoing Pro Bono Economics Projects

In progress

700 Club offers a range of services to people who are homeless, dependent on drugs or alcohol or suffering with a mental health issue, aiming to help them have control over their own lives. We are working with the charity on its data collection.

Action Tutoring aims to support pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve a meaningful level of academic attainment, with a view to helping them progress to further education, employment or training.

Ark is an education charity that exists to make sure that all children, regardless of their background, have access to a great education and real choices in life.

BS3 Community Development provides services and activities to develop the local community in Bristol. We are working to deliver a cost-benefit analysis of its work in social isolation.

The Clink is a charity, working with HM Prison & Probation Service to run a number of restaurants, kitchens, gardens, a catering business and a cafe. We are working with the charity on a cost-benefit analysis.

Greenhouse Sports provides in-school support to students through their trained sports coaches. Following on from our 2017 work with the charity, we are reviewing the second stage of its work.

Haven is a Sheffield-based organisation which exists to support children affected by domestic abuse through services, education and research. We are working with the charity to provide data advice.

Housing Rights provides support to people dealing with housing issues in Northern Ireland. We are working with the charity on a feasibility study of its Prison Programme.

Fair4all Finance deploys the dormant assets money to ensure that affordable credit, and other financial products and services, serve the needs of vulnerable people at scale.

One25 provides support with the aim of enabling women to break free from street sex-work, addiction and other life-controlling issues. We are working with the charity to provide data advice.

Prisoners Education Trust provides support and education to prisoners, to enhance their chances of building a better life upon being released. We have previously worked with the charity to provide a breakeven analysis, and are currently working on a cost-benefit analysis for the charity.

stem4 is a teenage mental health charity aimed at improving teenage mental health by stemming commonly occurring mental health issues at an early stage.

Together for Short Lives is a palliative care charity, supporting children expected to have short lives and their families. We are working with the charity on an impact analysis.

upReach aims to boost social mobility by supporting students from less-advantaged backgrounds to secure top jobs

Voluntary Support North Surrey aims to promote the benefit of all residents in the community of North Surry by associating together volunteers and organisations in a common effort to advance education, protect health, relieve poverty, sickness and distress and promote any other charitable purpose.

What Works Centre for Wellbeing, part of the What Works Centre network, works across multiple organisations to provide evidence and guidance on wellbeing. We are working with the organisation on a research report, focused on the upcoming Comprehensive Spending Review.