What’s the opportunity? 

Maggie’s offers cancer support across a network of 24 dedicated centres throughout the UK. They are seeking to develop and improve the visualisation of their monthly, quarterly and annual management information data. 


What do we need from a volunteer? 

We need a volunteer with experience of presenting management information in an engaging and informative way to review the reports currently produced in Excel for a set of three different reports, as well as their Annual Review, to help them identify and deliver potential improvements to the way the data is presented and communicates insight on performance metrics on which to base strategic and operational decisions. 


What are the timescales? 

Starting: As soon as possible  

Deadline: Over the next two months 

Closing date for applications: 9am on Tuesday, 19th October

We anticipate this to be approximately 5-6 days of volunteer work 


If you are selected to volunteer for this project:  

  • You will be working directly with Maggie’s Centre. PBE is responsible for matching. 
  • If Maggie’s Centre share personal data with you, you should only use the data as instructed by Maggie’s Centre. 


Please apply below