YourStance is a charity educational project that supports young people to make informed decisions when faced with an emergency, by teaching lifesaving skills through their Zero Responder workshops. Their aim is to empower communities to save lives by building a network of ‘Zero Responders’.  

What do we need from a volunteer? 

The charity would like an analyst to create a user-friendly cash flow forecast and workshop costing spreadsheet to help with their planning and decision making.  

The spreadsheet would need to: 

  1. Clearly show the amount of restricted and unrestricted funds available for use  

  1. Include visualisations that represent the above 

  1. Be easy for the charity to update as needed 

This information will be shared with their board of trustees and advisors as well as other internal stakeholders 

The ideal volunteer would have skills in Excel spreadsheet analysis and cash flow forecasting would be useful.  

What are the timescales? 

Starting: May 2024 

Deadline: 2 months from start 

Closing date for applications: 23 May

We anticipate this to be approximately 3 days of volunteer work. Meetings will take place online unless specified by the charity.  

If you are selected to volunteer for this project:  

  • You will be working directly with YourStance. PBE is only responsible for matching. 

  • If YourStance share personal data with you, you should only use the data as instructed by them. 

Apply here

PBE is an equal opportunity organisation and values diversity. We encourage applications from all parts of the community, and we give all applicants and volunteers fair and equal treatment, regardless of age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or nationality.  

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