Congratulations to Diane Coyle: Joint winner of The Indigo Prize

PBE would like to extend our congratulations to our trustee Diane Coyle for her achievement in winning The Indigo Prize, along with Benjamin Mitra-Kahn, Chief Economist at IP Australia.

Diane is a professor of economics at the University of Manchester, and has written several books which aim to educate people on various aspects of economics.

The joint-winning entry, which Diane co-wrote with Benjamin Mirta-Khan, proposed the replacement of GDP with a dashboard, in an effort to demonstrate a radical new way of measuring economic activity. The dashboard would measure six key assets: natural, human, net financial and social and institutional capital,and physical assets. 

Lord Jim O'Neill, our patron and one of the judges for the prize, stated:

"The data we currently have isn’t reflective of modern economies. Reported productivity in the UK is very weak, but that might be because we can’t measure new changes to our economy based on technological services like Uber and fast food delivery. I applaud this effort to reward people who are thinking how we can gather new data."

The prize winning essays are available to read here.

25th October 2017