We are a small charity and are limited in the number of charity projects we can support each year so, unfortunately, we are not able to match every interested volunteer. We do however try to ensure that we match as many volunteers as possible each year!

Matching process

The process for matching volunteers is:

  1. We send an email to registered volunteers attaching the Volunteer Brief outlining the full details of the opportunity.
  2. Interested volunteers email us outlining how the opportunity fits with their skills and interests.
  3. We inform volunteer/s whether they have been matched to the project.
  4. We arrange next steps with the matched volunteer/s.

Time commitment

The volunteer time on a project varies but typically ranges from 1 to 15 days. We will always provide an estimate of the time commitment and timeframes in the Volunteer Brief. We ask that you consider your other ongoing commitments and competing deadlines before applying. The charities we work with are often small, and almost always lean – so we require a dedicated approach from our volunteers to ensure the project runs smoothly and the project goals attained.

General assistance

We also sometimes email requests to our registered volunteers regarding more general, non-project, assistance e.g. for “critical friend” discussions with partner organisations or charities with a question/issue related to a specific area of expertise.

Volunteer registration

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