Pro Bono Economics Chair Lord Gus O’Donnell was on hand to talk about our work, past, present and future on the June 17th edition of the well-known news and policy podcast: Reasons to be Cheerful.

Hosted by former Labour Party leader Ed Miliband and broadcaster Geoff Lloyd, Gus explored Pro Bono Economics’ work to date along with our ambitions for the future in the field of wellbeing.

Over the last ten years since our launch, we have focused on quantifying the impact of charities’ work in pounds and pence. Those charities with whom we partner are active in the fields of education, employment, mental health, and poverty; the drivers of wellbeing.

Our motivation – to which our Gus spoke in greater detail – is to move forward with including more subjective wellbeing measurements in our report work. By measuring a charity’s wellbeing output, we can better enrich the picture of how much a charity is contributing to society.

20th June 2019