Pro Bono Economics has teamed up with The Royal Statistical Society to announce a new project: Pro Bono Impact.

PBE has worked for many years to help non profit organisations receive pro bono support from economists with nearly 300 engagements with charities completed since it was founded in 2009. However, we have found that some charities want help with data and statistics rather than economics.

Therefore PBE and the RSS are teaming up to pilot a new project called Pro Bono Impact. The RSS will provide volunteer statisticians from its membership. PBE will then call upon these volunteers when it has charities that need help with their data.

The pilot will run until summer 2018 and then be reviewed by PBE and the RSS.

Hetan Shah, executive director of the RSS said:

'Other professions such as law have a strong pro bono culture, and this partnership with Pro Bono Economics will allow statisticians to also give their time to charities on a pro bono basis.'

Julia Grant, chief executive of PBE said:

'Charities and social enterprises are increasingly required to think like businesses, but simply do not have the resources to support high quality evaluation work and impact assessments. And as our co-founder and trustee Andy Haldane has advocated on many occasions, skills-based volunteering is ultimately the most valuable, for both the volunteer, beneficiary and wider society.

We at Pro Bono Economics are excited to work with the RSS to deliver an interdisciplinary programme of support to really help organisations understand and improve their impact and value.'

2nd March 2017