Pro Bono Economics, having engaged with employment charity WorkingRite, has recommended that it carry out further data collection if it is to demonstrate long-term outcomes from its mentored work placement programmes, such as sustaining a job or apprenticeship.

According to the charity’s own data, during 2017/18 74% of programme participants completed their courses, with 80% of this group achieving such a successful outcome. The Pro Bono Economics report contains multiple recommendations regarding data collection processes – for example, follow-up data should be collected at 6, 12, and 24 month intervals where possible on participants – which aim to give the charity the best possible chance of better understanding and improving its long-term impact moving forward.

While these recommendations are specific to WorkingRite, the learnings contained within this report may also be of value for different organisations looking to measure their efficacy.

WorkingRite is an Edinburgh-based charity that supports disadvantaged young people into sustained employment, apprenticeships or purposeful learning, matching participants with local businesses to carry out mentored work placements and helping them through this experience.

Fiona Thom from the Department for Work and Pensions was matched with this project and worked closely with the charity to advise on data collection processes and quality.

Pro Bono Economics would like to thank Fiona for all her hard work. More information and the report itself can be accessed here.

5th March 2019