We would like to welcome Jo-Tilley Riley and Matthew Brumsen as our newest recruits to the PBE board. They will bring new insights and perspectives to the board and we look forward to working together.

On her appointment, Jo says:

“Pro Bono Economics is a unique resource for charities, providing them with the structure and evidence to not only understand and articulate their impact, but also reflect on it and improve it. I am pleased to be joining the team to help strengthen the organisation so that more charities can benefit from this approach, both directly and through the sharing of learning.”

From Matthew:

"As an organisation that aims to help other charities maximise their impact, it is crucial that PBE does likewise - always challenging itself to improve effectiveness, learn from mistakes and build on successes. I am delighted to have been given the opportunity, as a Trustee, to make a contribution to this process and, hopefully, to help PBE flourish in the years ahead."

21st May 2013