Foundations UK is a health charity that develops methods to help people live healthier lives. They support people to develop a capacity for self-care, focusing on better diet and exercise. The charity uses a variety of approaches to help families, businesses, health authorities and schools through prevention and treatment of health-related problems.

The charity wanted to evaluate their Step Forward to Health programme, which supports people who are obese and have Type 2 diabetes through an approach that includes help with nutrition, physical activity and psychological support.

We matched the charity with Koonal Shah from the Office of Health Economics who provided general input on various aspects of health economics, researched relevant papers on obesity, and advised on data collection to allow future analysis.

Foundations UK have put in place a number of Koonal’s recommendations and are looking to expand their research.

Economist Koonal Shah said of his work “I was very happy to be able to share with Foundations UK my expertise on health economics and the measurement of health using generic multi-attribute instruments. I hope the team found my input useful.”

We are grateful to Koonal for his hard work in helping Foundations UK.

9th December 2013