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"It is more important than ever that charities are able to show the value they bring and the benefits to wider society.

Our work with PBE has been used in several successful funding bids and has been great for raising our profile.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to have professional and respected economists working alongside you to help you evaluate your work - I would highly recommend it to other charities."

Jennifer Barnes, Head of Policy and Research, Centrepoint​

Pro Bono Economics Annual Report 2018

Our 2018 Annual Report details our staff and board development, along with notable publications including Place2Be, Walking with the Wounded and London Bubble Theatre.

Pro Bono Economics Annual Report 2017

This 2017 Annual Report contains detail on the governance and finance of the organisation, as well as exciting developments throughout the year, such as report publications for MAC-UK, Shelter Scotland and the PSHE Association.

Pro Bono Economics Annual Report 2016 (18 months)

In this 18 month-period Annual Report, read more about the governance of Pro Bono Economics and future plans.

Pro Bono Economics Annual Report 2015

This 2015 Annual report contains details on report publications for Citizens Advice and London Music Masters amongst others, as well as detailing financial and governance information.

Pro Bono Economics Annual Report 2014

Prominent Pro Bono Economics reports for organsiations such as Centrepoint, Making Every Adult Matter and National Numeracy and discussed in the 2014 Annual Report.