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MAC-UK is a charity that uses an innovative youth-led approach to improve the accessibility of mental health services for excluded young people and find solutions to the complex problem of youth offending. The charity approached PBE in order to discover the economic benefits of their Music & Change project.

Pro Bono Economics matched MAC-UK with Emily Hutchison and George Agathangelou to undertake a project determining some of the economic impacts of their Music and Change project in Camden, demonstrating how they could assess the full economic impact of similar projects in the future. As MAC-UK's founding project, Music & Change operated in Camden between 2008 and 2015, and it was through this project that their INTEGRATE approach was developed. This approach allows mental health professionals to work with young people who need their help most in a radically different way than they would in traditional clinic settings.

Pro Bono Economics has analysed the available monetary and activity data of Music & Change, providing guidance on the required outcomes for the project to provide a positive economic impact. The report explores the level of benefits that would justify the the cost of the project, in terms of improvement in employment, wellbeing or anti-social behaviour.

10th October 2017