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Friends of the Elderly is a charity dedicated to supporting older people through caring services personalised to the needs of the individual and integrated with local communities. They focus on helping those especially in need due to physical or mental frailty, isolation or poverty.

This project focused on the charity’s Home Support Service which provides help with day-to-day tasks. Friends of the Elderly wants to know if it is possible to demonstrate that the service enables clients to stay in their own homes for longer, and if it may reduce hospital admissions and reliance on other public services. We matched the charity with Dr. Julian Laite to investigate this question. This report describes the support given to Friends of the Elderly in the first phase of the project.

The work is ongoing and Dr. Laite will undertake analysis once the data collection phase is completed.

We are grateful to Dr. Laite for the time and hard work he has dedicated to this project, and his ongoing commitment to working with Friends of the Elderly.

4th March 2013