GOALS UK is a community interest company whose aim is to address issues of motivation and self-esteem via its training programme “GOALS.” GOALS is typically delivered by partner organisations working in areas such as youth offending and homelessness. GOALS training programmes typically last 1-3 days and use a mixture of therapy techniques. GOALS UK approached Pro Bono Economics to undertake a social impact assessment of the GOALS programme.

Pro Bono Economics matched GOALS UK with economist Alex Baker from Fingleton Associates. Alex worked with the charity to best understand their needs in terms of evaluation. Whilst the charity does not current collect sufficient data from GOALS participants to facilitate a full social impact assessment, Alex advised that some modest adjustments to their data collection processes and practices could facilitate some quantitative analysis of the impact and social benefits of GOALS.

As well as providing recommendations on how GOALS UK might better collect data, Alex produced a scoping report which outlines a framework for future analysis when appropriate data has been collected.

We would like to thank Alex Baker at Fingleton Associates for his support of GOALS UK.

17th May 2017