The charity Silverfit offers fitness services to people over the age of 45 years. They offer events once per week at multiple locations across London, which include socialising time beforehand and afterwards. Silverfit targets elderly people who may normally do little or no physical exercise, as well as people who are socially isolated.  Silverfit thereby supports the ageing population to become more physically active and socially engaged.

PBE volunteers from Charles Rivers Associates conducted a review of Silverfit to determine where data collection advice and analysis might be possible. Volunteers were able to provide Silverfit with (i) information on attendance to Silverfit sessions; (ii) the costs of running Silverfit’s activities at Burgess Park and; (iii) what type of questions/measurements may be most useful to ask participants to get an estimate for the (health) benefits obtained.  This information will enable Silverfit to collect data for a robust analysis of the economic success of their services at a point in time when they have collected an adequate amount of data on programme participants.

31st October 2016