Collaboration is an important part of PBE’s DNA. Bringing together diverse groups of people and organisations from across sectors is key to our mission, while all of PBE’s work is guided by the principles of independence, evidence, clarity and transparency.

We work with policymakers as part of our goal to drive systemic change, and with individual charities, community groups and funders on a project-by-project basis. We also work with corporate partners to help charities they are associated with, with charity infrastructure bodies to research the state of the sector, with capacity building organisations to deliver cohesive support programmes, and with other organisations that specialise in research and analysis.

Working with policymakers

PBE is an independent charity, and the robust analysis we produce is often used to inform policymakers and enhance public debate. That includes evidence-based research both on the social sector itself and on issues of importance to the social sector such as employment, education, poverty and wellbeing.

As a non-partisan organisation, PBE works with policymakers of all political parties and none, in government and in opposition, to build consensus for solutions to the challenges facing the social sector and affecting wellbeing in the UK.

PBE also provides volunteering opportunities for economists from the civil service and other public institutions in addition to those in the private sector to increase awareness of the social sector among decisionmakers and build connections between the civil service and the communities it serves.

Working with the social sector

PBE works with social sector organisations to help them measure, understand and articulate their impact, to influence and inform policy, and make best of their data – primarily on a pro bono basis. We also work to unleash the potential of the social sector and broader civil society, including through the ongoing Law Family Commission on Civil Society.

The independent analysis that PBE and our volunteers provides is based on economic principles, making it distinctively robust and authoritative.

As an organisation committed to transparency, PBE is proud to champion the evidenced strengths of the social sector and the work of individual organisations, as well as to be honest about the improvements which are needed.

PBE’s long-term partnerships

More information about our long-term, formal partnerships is available here. As PBE is committed to transparency in all our work, further details on the individuals and organisations which make PBE’s work possible can be found here.