One25 – the largest UK organisation for women facing street sex work – has  a positive impact on service users, particularly regarding their safety, sexual health, and financial situation, according to Pro Bono Economics Analysis.

One25 assists women trapped in or vulnerable to street sex work in Bristol, supporting them through night outreach, afternoon drop-in, intensive casework and advocacy, and resilience and employment support. Pro Bono Economics analysed part of One25’s casework impact by examining service users’ change in outcomes over time. The outcomes being measured include physical health, accommodation, offending.

The analysis shows that on average, One25 service users’ situations improve across all thirteen measured outcomes. This was particularly strong in improving safety, sexual health and financial situations, while there appear to be stronger barriers to change in other areas. These include motivation, living skills and engagement with services, which have lower average improvements. These findings were reached by analysing data collected by One25’s bespoke version of the Outcomes Star based on women’s needs.

Pro Bono Economics provided recommendations to One25 to further evaluate their impact. These include to continue to develop case studies for individual users and to continue collecting data on service users’ characteristics in order to determine which groups may benefit from targeted support.

This project was delivered under the pilot Capacity-Building Programme funded by Oak Foundation.  Launched in early 2019, the programme is a collaboration between the Cranfield Trust, Pilotlight and Pro Bono Economics, which are collectively offering support to grantees within Oak's housing and homelessness portfolio. Pro Bono Economics' contribution is advising the grantees on measuring and evaluating their impact.