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London Music Masters (LMM) Bridge Project aims to promote musicianship and achieve diversity among performers through providing young people with music lessons. 

While the aims of the project are primarily musical, LMM wanted to explore whether there are any positive effects on academic achievement as a consequence of music education, given the increasing body of literature that suggests this might the case.

Our economists looked at the literature available, and undertook analysis of LMM's data, to understand whether any beneficial effect on academic achievement could be identified. Whilst the literature suggests there is a link, the data available was not sufficient to detect any effect from the programme. However, this is not to suggest that there is no effect, and resulting advice is to develop the available data for future evaluation.

Importantly, LMM is keen to allow the recommendations from the report to influence their approach to evaluation in the future, but also to share the lessons learnt from the project with others working in the same space, and so LMM and PBE are beginning discussions with other music education charities to identify where we can share experiences and challenges of understanding the impact of music education.

22nd April 2015