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Family Action provides services to disadvantaged and socially isolated families, with over 100 interventions reaching 45,000 children and families per year across England. Their Perinatal Support Service helps women who are vulnerable to depression immediately before and up to a year after the birth of their child. Family Action was interested in understanding more about the benefits and costs of this service.

We enlisted the help of volunteers from DCLG who used a variety of sources, including previous evaluations, to understand the benefits of the intervention for the women who participate, and for society at large.

The volunteers identified benefits from increased employment chances and improved wellbeing. The estimated value of around £2,430 for each woman receiving support exceeds the cost of delivering the service, and could be more if the monetisation of wellbeing is included.

We are grateful to the volunteer team - Andrea Lee, Ricky Taylor and David Simmons - for their time and hard work on this project.


9th December 2014