Demonstrating impact in music education

Demonstrating impact is a hot topic. Terms such as outcomes framework, Theory of Change, Cost Benefit Analysis, causality and soft versus hard outcomes are increasingly commonplace and it can be overwhelming figuring out what this all means and how it applies to you. In music education evidencing impact is often a complicated business, and funders require different types of evaluation.

Developing Impact in Music Education (DIME)

Originally conceived by London Music Masters, the DIME steering group has broadened to include Pro Bono EconomicsProject Oracle and Sound Connections, and more than 20 other organisations have participated in a series of roundtables and workshops. On behalf of the partnership we are pleased to launch a briefing paper outlining what has happened so far; information about what will happen next; and a summary of resources and information.

The briefing paper builds upon earlier work Pro Bono Economics conduced for London Music Masters looking at music education and academic achievement.

Read the briefing paper here

Read the report here

22nd May 2017