Pro Bono Economics carried out a project for Government Outcomes Lab (GO Lab) to estimate the value created through some of the existing social impact bonds.

Established in 2016, the primary purpose of GO Lab is to provide independent academic research into outcome based commissioning (OBC) practice, and establish prima facie evidence that this form of commissioning improves social impact and value for the public sector. GO Lab aims to produce better social outcomes.

They approached PBE to answer questions around value created to date, aiming to develop the best available evidence around the effectiveness of outcome based commissioning.

PBE matched Victoria Sedgwick with this project. Victoria aimed to define the methodology for assessing value and understanding costs, testing this with GO Lab colleagues, as well as supporting GO Lab with applying this method to a sample of operational SIBs.

Victoria was assisted by Mark Graham, an economic associate at PBE. We would like to thank both parties for their dedication in completing this project.