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Young Citizens, formerly the Citizenship Foundation, was established nearly 3 decades ago and runs multiple programmes with the aim of helping young people become engaged citizens. The charity have four flagship programmes:

  • Go-Givers: Provision of citizenship, SMSC and PSHE resources for primary schools
  • Make a Difference Challenge: Campaign/action planning towards a specific cause for primary school students
  • Mock Trials: Teams of secondary school students partaking in mock trials in local courts
  • Legal Experts in Schools: Law sessions for secondary school students run by volunteer lawyers

Young Citizens' programmes contribute to the development of the necessary knowledge and skills to enable young people to become motivated citizens. After 30 years providing support to young people and schools, they asked people how they could better help their beneficiaries, including questions on branding. In response to feedback on this, they chose to relaunch as Young Citizens, an umbrella brand to encompass and promote all the work they carry out in schools.

The charity approached PBE in order to provide advice on the design of an outcomes measurement framework; volunteers Ognyana Hristova from Oxera and Victoria Sedgwick were matched to this project and used their expertise to provide advice to inform this framework. This will be used by the charity to help develop a stronger evidence base, which will enable them to demonstrate the impact of their programmes.

The report is structured into three sections; an evidence review, framework recommendations and dara and measurement tool recommendations. Taking into account Young Citizens' available resources, the report sets out recommendations on how the charity can measure each element of their theory of change.

We would like to thank Ognyana and Victoria for their excellent work on this report.

13th April 2018