QuestLife is a small arts and community group that works to enrich the arts sector by incorporating stories from culturally diverse voices and advocating for women. In collaboration with two partner organisations, QuestLife initiated the ReViVe programme to build an inclusive cultural sector fit for the future. ReViVe is an intergenerational artist wellbeing and networking space for black creatives exploring identity and/or wellbeing in their work. 


To engage potential funders, QuestLife reached out to PBE for help to analyse the data on the ReViVe programme and translate it into powerful visualisations for an impact report. 


Through our Data First Aid service, we secured a top-tier talent. Lakshmi Chockalingam is an Impact Consultant at TPX Impact, and she specialises in strategy and transformation.  She applied her experience to go “above and beyond” QuestLife’s expectations in a number of ways:

  1. Understanding QuestLife's focus: Lakshmi worked hard to understand the charity’s focus from the beginning, which directed her efforts towards detailed quantitative and qualitative analyses.  
  2. Acknowledging the charity team's expertise: Recognising the charity team's profound understanding of their context, Lakshmi regularly consulted them to ensure the findings aligned with the participants’ and programme’s dynamics. That meant there were no surprises, and the charity’s needs were met.
  3. Going the extra mile: Embracing the ethos of exceeding expectations, Lakshmi aimed to go beyond the project requirements. This included completing tasks ahead of schedule, providing additional documentation, and offering suggestions for improving future survey designs. 


Following data analysis, the result was a presentation featuring comprehensive visualisations of both qualitative and quantitative data. This presentation reflected the thoroughness of the work Lakshmi did and was ready to hand over to a designer for creative additions.  


The charity now has impactful visualisations that effectively communicate to funders and other stakeholders compelling highlights, ranging from the challenges that the ReViVe programme participants face as black creatives, to the improvement in wellbeing that they have experienced since their participation. They will use the impact report to generate funding that will help the group to continue supporting women and sharing culturally diverse stories within the arts sector.  

Melanie Abhrams, Associate Curator at QuestLife, expressed her satisfaction with the final output and the clarity of the Data First Aid process, commenting:  

“We're incredibly grateful for Lakshmi's exceptional help; her contributions have been excellent and insightful. The work she's produced holds great value and will benefit our future initiatives.”