Training: organising your content

If you need more than one page to explain your training offer, create individual posts and gather them in a listing page. Link to your events section to make it easy for website visitors to see what’s available and to book.

Include contact details and/or create (and link to) a form if training is bespoke or attendees must meet certain criteria.

Content tips

Focus your content on the benefits attendees will get from training (“You will go away with all the tools, skills and confidence you need to…”) rather than features (“The course will include lectures, presentations and workshops…”). Make it even more engaging by including case studies and quotes from previous happy attendees.

It’s vital to include the details potential attendees need in order to understand whether the training is for them. This might include:

  • Who can attend the course
  • When / where the training takes place
  • How to apply for a place.

Don’t forget a clear call-to-action for interested visitors to take the next steps!

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