Looking to measure, understand and articulate your impact, but not sure where to begin? Confused about what outcome measures to use? Not sure what “attribution” means or how you measure it for your organisation?

You are not alone. In surveys, two thirds (67%) of charities say they know that undertaking impact measurement is ‘very important’ but many don’t have the skills or time to do it effectively.

At PBE’s flagship Unlocking Impact Workshop, charities receive an expert-led introduction to the economic approach to measuring and valuing the impact of their work. Alongside other organisations at a similar stage in their data journey, charities learn about the most credible methods for measuring and valuing impact. Using real life examples, PBE helps charities to understand the different models of valuing impact, such as cost-benefits and scenario analysis, and to begin to think about how they can use evidence to inspire change.                      

PBE’s economists are experts in impact measurement and evaluation, and their extensive experience is at charities’ disposal throughout the workshop to help them to learn, build their skills, and save them time as they look to innovate and improve their services.

And in a challenging fundraising environment, with growing numbers of funders asking for evidence of how charities impact society and the value that their work brings, the Unlocking Impact Workshops are a great first step for charities looking to build this evidence for their interventions and to strengthen their case for support.

How does it work?

These 4-hour interactive workshops currently take place online over two days. To register your interest in attending a workshop, please click on the button at the bottom of this page. When providing information about your request, please outline what you are trying to achieve by attending the workshop.

If you have any questions about this process, please email us at [email protected].

What kind of charities can PBE help like this?

Charities of any size, delivering services to beneficiaries in the UK, are welcome to register for our Unlocking Impact Workshop. This service can benefit a variety of roles within organisations, including fundraising directors, finance leads, impact and evaluation officers, and even CEOs. Our economists have expertise in education, employment, mental health and poverty-related outcomes, so many of the examples featured in the workshop will come from these sectors.

Please note that we may ask organisations with an annual turnover exceeding £2.5 million for a contribution towards the costs associated with the workshop delivery.

What have other charities said about PBE’s Unlocking Impact Workshops?

“The workshop was really well put together and brilliantly led. It was super to have both the expert facilitator and PBE’s Chief Economist available throughout. The case studies really helped with my understanding as did the quiz in particular. It was great to take a step back and see Artis from an economist's perspective. Just what we need! Can't wait for next step.”
– Artis, who work to ensure every child reaps the benefits of a creative education at primary school

“I felt that the workshop gave great insight into how you should develop an economic evaluation, which is something that we struggle with. I found it very interactive and going into breakout rooms and having the quiz breaks the session up. Having case studies gives you a better understanding of what you and should be doing,”
– Homeless Network Scotland

“Really enjoyed the chance to discuss impact in such an informed way with people who could really answer questions - I have been very sceptical of impact analyses previously so was good to get and introduction to a model that makes sense to me. Thank you.”
– Law Centres Network

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