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Giving World today published a report by Pro Bono Economics evaluating Giving World’s activities. Giving World distributes surplus goods, including basic necessities such as food and clothing and other useful items such as education materials, children’s toys, books and personal hygiene products to more disadvantaged economic and social groups, such as people with health problems, families and people on low incomes, children, elderly and the homeless. Giving World distributed goods worth £2.4m in the 2009 to 2015 period, assisting up to 847,029 beneficiaries in the UK.

Volunteer economists from Frontier analysed the results of a survey undertaken by Giving World which indicated that Giving World’s activities had a positive impact by fulfilling beneficiaries’ needs, helping them get more involved with their community, enhancing their feelings of safety, improving their relationships with friends and family and having the potential to improve their health, amongst other effects.  The report noted that a number of these improvements are likely to go hand in hand with improvements in well-being.    

Rama Bhalla (Giving World Projects Director) said:

“The volunteers from Frontier have delivered an Impact Report that recognises the positive impact our activities can have on the lives of vulnerable people.  Additionally their findings go further to support the likely connection between our activities and the well being of the beneficiaries.  The report will inform our future sustainability strategies.”


1st March 2017