UK charities play a crucial role in delivering public services and are well equipped to do so. Charities specialise in reaching marginalised communities, often emphasise prevention and can adapt to changing needs at both national and local levels.

However, charities often face barriers to delivering, working within and collaborating with public services. Commissioners and decision makers in public services can fail to leverage the advantages that the charity sector brings.

If these barriers are minimised and effective partnerships encouraged, our public services will thrive in size, quality and specialty. But how can this be best achieved and why is now an opportune time for change?

Join Pro Bono Economics and The Fabian Society for a panel discussion to explore how non-profit organisations can enable public services to thrive, what partnerships could make this possible and how all partners can engage in transparent and productive collaboration.


  • Paul Farmer, CEO, Age UK
  • Imran Hussain, Director of Policy & Campaigns, Action for Children
  • Dr Jansev Jemal, Director of Policy & Research, Pro Bono Economics
  • Andrew Harrop, General Secretary, The Fabian Society
  • Baroness Glenys Thornton, Shadow Spokesperson
  • Tan Dhesi, Shadow Exchequer Secretary

Pro Bono Economics will be active at this year's Liberal Democrat, Conservative and Labour Party conferences. If you'd like to arrange a meeting, please email [email protected]

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