Jim left Government in September 2016, having been Commercial Secretary to the Treasury from May 2015 until September. During that time, and indeed, since Spring 2014, Lord O’Neill Chaired a formal Review into AMR (antimicrobial resistance) publishing their final recommendations in May 2015, which helped drive the government’s strategy as well as providing key input to the UN high level agreement in September. Until October 2014, Jim chaired the Cities Growth Commission in the UK, when it provided its final recommendations, which formed the basis for the government’s approach to devolution and the concept of the Northern Powerhouse. He is Honorary Chair of Economics at Manchester University. Jim worked for Goldman Sachs from 1995 until April 2013, spending most of his time there as Chief Economist. Jim is the creator of the acronym “BRIC”. In early 2014, Jim made a documentary series for the BBC entitled MINT:The Next Economic Giants.

He is one of the founding trustees of the UK educational charity, SHINE, and became lifetime President after joining government. Jim has served on the boards of a number of educational foundations.